Not everyone is a writer. This may fly in the face of what your third-grade teacher or college English professor told you, but it’s true. Most people can write, but not everyone is a writer. And this should come as a relief. It might not be your job after all, to struggle through a company blog post or spend hours trying to construct effective and relevant tweets. You have other things to do, like lead your business. And when it comes to the reputation of your business, and the massive part copy plays in your marketing strategy, you’ll want to remember that.

Fortunately, there are plenty of professional writers for hire who are experts in creating tailored, targeted copy for companies very much like yours. No matter the size of your business, hiring a professional copywriter can be a worthwhile investment. Here are four reasons why.

The Importance of Having a Professional Copywriter


  1. Copywriters reveal the inside from the outside.

Professional copywriters have to place themselves inside your industry to understand it as someone approaching from the outside. Their very position in relation to your company puts them at an advantage when it comes to writing for you. As they learn what makes your business and audiences tick, they can interpret even technical detail into the vernacular.

They also bring objectivity to the task. They can “hear” insider language and sales pitches with the ears of a customer and can tell when phraseology rings false or strikes an audience as stale. Your copy must ring true and sound fresh to the ear. And outsiders have a more instinctive knack for this than those who have been in the house long enough to, so to speak, get used to the furniture. You need a writer who can apply your industry dialect faithfully and artfully to a variety of contexts.

  1. Copywriters are trained as writers.

Business copy can quickly turn into a jumble of rhetoric that goes in one ear and out the other, especially when written from the inside by someone who knows the industry like the back of his hand but is not a professional writer. We all know the experience of recoiling from industry or sales language that is so full of tired tropes or overly-technical language, it’s difficult to hear a meaningful message at all. Your low bar is to prevent people from recoiling at jargon. Good writers are especially attuned to jargon and know how to avoid it.

Customers and clients should be drawn to the written resources you offer and find them truly engaging and helpful. Anything less, and at best you’re wasting your time. At worst, you’re hurting the reputation of your brand. If the low bar is to avoid jargon, the high bar is to hire a professional who can make what every company needs to say both appealing and consistent with your brand. A good copywriter makes even the hard sales pitch easy to catch.

  1. Copywriters are professionals at appeal.

At heart, marketing is about two things: making a promise and keeping it. You appeal, and then you follow through. Many professional copywriters are also lobbyists, novelists, and short story writers because the required skill sets, though distinct in emphasis, are similar. In marketing as well as storytelling, you must weave words, move deftly through an argument or plot, sustain the right tone and energy, capture the proper emotions and spark the imagination to draw a reader more deeply into the story and “sell” your narrative.

Sound like a lot? To a professional wordsmith, this is hard work, but it is also second nature. Professional copywriters, whether novelists or not, do what they do because they are both naturals and professionals at storytelling and appeal. Working hand-in-hand with your marketing team, they express your promises, putting their skills and instincts to bear on drawing in your audience. This leaves you time, resources, and energy to make good on those promises.

  1. Copywriters increase your ROI.

Once you find a professional copywriter you trust, the written tasks of reaching your audience are off your shoulders. A professional writer is a strategist and knows how to perform the tasks it may otherwise take several staff members to complete. Businesses who write their own copy often spend time, not only on the writing task itself but on cycles of editing and revisions — and this is for each writing task. In addition, you need total brand consistency across channels, as well as consistency of voice, and yet this process has to stay streamlined, or it quickly becomes unwieldy. In all these ways, hiring a copywriter is an efficient management solution. It saves you and your staff significant hours (and possibly frustration, too). Therefore, it saves you money.

5. Act as a Narrator For Your Company

Finally, professional copywriters contribute to your ROI by contributing directly to revenue. Though he or she works “backstage,” a professional copywriter is the main “narrator” of your company’s presence in the world, and therefore at the forefront of leads, sales, and client nurture. And don’t forget that they produce your work at a set fee, giving you a clear line item for the budget and taking the guesswork out of how their contribution plays into your ROI.

Your company’s voice comes directly from two places: your images and your copy. They are your marketing pillars. So do not skimp on copy. It doesn’t pay to be uncertain about whether your words are making the impact you need. It does pay to get it right.

You’ve worked hard to make an impact on people and grow a successful business. At Range, a Deluxe company, our full-service marketing solutions include professional copywriters who tell your story and maximize your investment. Call to inquire today.