When it comes to promotional products, you’re dealing with professional adults. They may enjoy fun trinkets, but may not keep them around for long. And you need visual longevity to get the most out of your promotion. But summer is the ideal time for promotional products because you can blend fun with practical. Summer is the time to pull out the stops, while still providing high-quality products that are useful and show off your brand.

It’s Easy To Provide Summer Promotional Products That are Fun

As you’re considering how to promote and brand yourself this summer, remember that your clients, prospects, and associates want to relax, have fun, get outside, and stay cool. Here are some great promo products to help them do just that.

Sunglasses and visors

Everybody needs to keep the sun out of their eyes. Whether for a tubing trip downriver or daily eye protection during the commute, sunglasses and visors make ideal promo products for summer. Sunglasses are also one of the most cost-effective promo products, and both are easy to brand with a logo and color scheme that add to the overall effect. Make sure your sunglasses provide 100% UV protection!

Sunscreen and lip balm

This is the ultimate in thoughtfulness and practicality. It’s an unexpected promo product and one that recipients are guaranteed to use. In terms of branding, it says “fun,” as well as “We think ahead.” Customized sunscreen can come in full size or sample pack sizes depending on your budget, and lip balm is easy to slip in a purse or pocket and take on summer travels.

T-shirts, remixed

Summer is the perfect time to design your promotional t-shirts. But put some extra thought into it. Make sure your branding doesn’t load the shirt down with decals (which are heavy and thick), and that the fabric is light, comfortable and breathable. Some other options you might consider are stitching your name or logo onto a fun tropical shirt, branding a moisture-wicking workout shirt, or, especially if you’re dealing with a younger audience, designing a tank top.

BPA-free water bottles

It’s now well-known that heat releases harmful chemicals (notably bisphenol A, or BPA) from plastic packaging into food and beverages. That’s why it’s important when helping customers and employees beat the heat with branded water bottles, to make sure they’re BPA free. Many manufacturers provide BPA-free plastics. Glass and aluminum water bottles, though more pricey, are the most health-conscious options and make an even classier impression. This is a convenient and useful promo product customers, and associates will thank you for.

Fanny packs

Maybe it’s been awhile since you’ve seen one of these. But the fanny pack is back. For families and travelers they’re convenient, and for Millennials, they have a fun vintage feel. Help customers and clients travel in style! Wherever their summer plans take them, your brand will go, too.


Hand fans will be one of your least expensive and most practical summer options. It’s also one of the easiest and most fun to brand because you can cover more ground. Fans give you more brandable space. Provide your contact information, tell a little snippet of your company’s story, share a practical resource, or add some humor. On a hot day, it’s hard to say no to a simple fan. You can also spring for electric fans, handheld fans, fans that mist with water, and mini desk fans that connect to power with a USB cable.


Make sure drinks don’t get hot, and food stays sand-free. Plastic thermal coolers, insulated totes, and handy, lunchbox-sized cooler bags are all great ways to make this happen. Koozies, the smallest coolers in the world, are also a classic option as promotional items and are often a great place to add a little wit or humor to your messaging.

Bottle openers

Handy and helpful, bottle openers are a must for summer festivities, especially dining and drinking al fresco. They are ubiquitous, and speak to an adult clientele. Logo and messaging can go on the handle and depending on the design; you can move toward a message of youthfulness and fun (for example, with a fluorescent color scheme) or a more sophisticated feel (logo burned into a wooden handle, for instance).

Folding chairs

When going to summer ball games, sitting poolside, or heading to the family reunion, portable fabric folding chairs are an easy way to make more seating and relax in the outdoors. Many chairs come with pockets for drinks and accessories, as well as drawstring bags for easy carrying. Some chairs even come with built-in cooler pouches. This promo product will be seen as high-touch and shows you’re willing to make an investment in how you attend to customers and associates.

Car sunshades

This is a fantastic way to get your brand seen by many people a day. And it will be especially useful in the hottest and sunniest regions, where people will be grateful to have such a thoughtful promotional product. No one likes a car to become an oven. But with a branded sunshade, every trip to the grocery store or day at work becomes a free commercial for your business through someone’s windshield. For a supreme touch of summer hospitality and impact, a car sunshade is the way to go.

There are so many fun and practical options for promotional products, even during the “dog days” of summer. Surprise customers and associates with a useful and thoughtful promo product, and you are getting free advertising and building loyalty to your brand.

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