Do today’s marketing strategies feel too complicated? Some may feel nostalgia for “the good old days,” but the truth is, who would really go back? With innovations in communications technology, businesses now have the ability to reach people in a previously unthought-of variety of ways, with increased visibility and greater capacity to target and connect. Consumers are also savvier, which means that companies must dispense with advertising factors that feel inauthentic or cheesy, upping the ante on the quality of output. And by adding marketing automation technology to the mix, you’re also able to simplify, coordinate, and streamline your efforts like never before.

Now is the time to introduce marketing automation into your business. Here’s why companies need marketing automation now more than ever,  and how your business can benefit.


Marketing Automation: What is it?

Marketing automation handles the most basic and recurring marketing tasks with truly easy-to-use software. It can cover email, social media, invites, web forms, some website management tasks, lead profiling and scoring, and A/B testing, and can be customized according to a business’s needs. It gets task management on track and saves vital time and resources. Not only can it automatically execute certain tasks, but it can also relate discrete tasks to one another, coordinating your efforts. Finally, marketing automation applies the unique logic and goals of your business to create algorithms that streamline and integrate complex strategic and data-driven aspects of your marketing strategy, like campaign scheduling and analytics.


Now let’s break down what marketing automation can do for your business on a daily basis.


It pushes buttons and handles the math.

Much of lead generation and back-end analytics require the repetitive management of small details. Regarding staff time, this can get unwieldy. By letting marketing automation handle these details — “pushing the buttons and doing the math” — you’re saving a team of your people an incredible amount of energy and time that they can instead spend on those tasks that require creative thought, human consideration, and personal appeal, such as visioning and innovation. You also have the added benefit of precision and the consistent presentation of vital information without checking, double-checking, or second-guessing. And by saving staff hours for more productive tasks, you’re saving money and adding to your business’s value. In sum, you’re front-loading your business’ time and resources with creative energy. Marketing automation grows and improves your business’ essential character as well as your ability to expand functionality and output, which all combined, ultimately increases leads, outreach, sales, product quality, and customer service.


It keeps you on brand.

As a brand grows, consistency becomes more difficult. Not only is brand inconsistency unprofessional it can also be confusing and cost you money in leads. With every staff or department change, new marketing effort, integration of new technologies, different fulfillment services, and even just changes in human attentiveness from one day to the next, your brand consistency is in jeopardy. With marketing automation software, all this unnecessary and risk is a thing of the past. You control exactly how your brand is expressed through all of your automated channels, each predetermined to operate consistently with the others.


It keeps you in touch with customers.

Whether through email, social media, a first purchase or an online query, customers need to receive your immediate feedback. And this is time-consuming. That feedback often needs to include helpful information as well as guidance toward a next step. Automated responses can be targeted and customized to save you time and ensure that a customer still feels cared for. A personal, warm and relevant welcome email, for example, doesn’t require a customer service rep to conduct and send every single one for the strategy to be effective. Finally, one of the greatest benefits of automated emails is that you can hone and employ an automatic sales funnel to send clients and prospects through at different points in their relationship with you. Again, targeting and customizing each type of email will keep it effective and personal.


It helps your staff.

Am I giving away a person’s job to a computer? Technology adoption vis-à-vis skilled labor is a real issue. But if your business has grown significantly and is still growing, marketing automation helps, not hurts, your staff. Think of it this way. If you were the captain of a ship, you would consult maps, weather, and navigation equipment, and your crew would adjust rudders and sails continually, all while keeping destination in mind. Now, what if the ocean becomes far more vast, and the ship’s controls increase exponentially in complexity? There comes a point in a business’s growth at which capabilities are stretched to the limit and there are simply not enough resources to manage today’s marketing requirements efficiently. Marketing automation is an ideal solution for companies today because it gives them the ability to navigate the increasingly complex yet exciting waters of twenty-first-century business without getting overwhelmed.


If you have not yet employed automated solutions for your business, give Range, a Deluxe company, a call. We’d love to bring you the right marketing solution that fits your goals and practical needs and sets you on course to the future you imagine.