What is cross media? You’ve probably heard a lot of buzz around this method of marketing for real estate, and for good reason.

Cross media creates and sustains multiple platforms for interaction. It is a combination of traditional and digital marketing methods, coordinated into a cohesive strategy. Print marketing, signage, and direct mail work together with social media, website, and all other digital design and content to attract prospects and increase commitment. It is an interlocking network of communication and influence.

How exactly does cross media translate into success for real estate? Let’s look at how it works.

Cross media…

…brings out your marketing strengths.
Cross media is more than the sum of its parts. The benefits of digital and traditional media are multiplied when combined, and their strengths are enhanced by being combined. For example, direct mail campaigns can be enhanced by digital media. You might include an Instagram handle where prospects can immediately view photos of properties. Or you could provide your direct contact information. Conversely, an email inquiry or online visit can be followed by a direct mail thank you or other follow-up.

In real estate, it’s crucial to increase efficiency by methods which also maintain a high level of personal touch. Cross media preserves the strengths of both.

…minimizes weaknesses.

What direct mail can’t provide you in immediacy and mobility, social media can. What an email can’t do in personal touch, you can easily apply on an app. An app may get clients connected to more information about your business, but proper signage outside your office or managed properties will usher them into a positive face-to-face encounter with your company.

This is vital. Multiple messages in different media reinforce each other, and all of your audiences, in all channels, will be invited into your sales flow. Cross media lets you remain diverse and active in all of your channels.

…adds intentionality.

Marketing today is complex. How do you compete? Cross media is not adding “one more thing” to the juggling act. It is helping you organize and navigate efficiently. It is almost impossible for a cross media strategy to be disorganized or to lack direction. Cross media is built on well-considered goals and requires a close look at all of your communications assets. Building a cross media campaign, therefore, precludes shooting “from the hip.” By going cross media, you are adding intentionality to your entire marketing strategy.

…reaches your audience.

Whether you’re in real estate, your desired audience is a multi-channel audience, from retirees to busy families to first-time homebuyers, and everything in between. Whether through Facebook, a Google search, USPS, or driving by, your clients and prospects are also coming to you from multiple directions. Cross media takes all of your marketing outlets and causes them to collaborate in order to draw attention to your brand, sustain attention, and lead your audience to commitment, no matter their point of entry.

…closes the lost opportunity gap.

Cross media increases influence and closes the lost opportunity gap by establishing a cycle of influence. Clients may enter this cycle at any point by engaging any of your digital or traditional media, from a Google search to a yard sign. From any point, the client is then led to the next step in a relationship with your business or agency, which leads to a next step depending on the client’s response.

This provides opportunity for a variety of buyer interactions at every point, is commitment-focused, and decreases loss of clients due to lack of communication. Cross media combines all your resources for client outreach, communications, and data, so each client’s entry point is captured, and each client’s next call to action can be customized and activated. For example, if you connect a texting service with real estate signs, buyers have an immediate entry point to your communication loop. They can receive updates on property listings, get connected on social media, or get connected to an agent right away.

…enhances client experience.

Cross media requires marketers to think carefully about how each digital and traditional marketing method will best hit home for their audiences, and create an interlocking network of interaction and response. With this quality of organization, it is possible to achieve a high level of personalization. This is crucial to gain attention in crowded real estate markets, maintain clients and get relationships off on the right foot.

Greater personalization enhances client experience, connecting with preferences, lifestyle choices and habits, chosen modes of communication, expressed needs and buying habits. Finally, as campaigns reflect their own success or failure, they generate crucial data for further enhancing client experience—spotting dead-ends, finding successful connection points, and improving the flow of influence. This is invaluable for growing a business.

…increases your ROI.

Cross media captures ROI because it gives you the best of two marketing worlds: it is focused and strategic while casting a wide net.

Let’s take an example from the movie, Babette’s Feast. In this film, an expatriate French chef enchants a Scandinavian town by cooking an enormous banquet, using all of her resources. The ingredients are widely varied (wide net), but every dish is coordinated with every other to create a seamless experience (focus). An experience is what she cooks up—not simply a meal. Interest and engagement increase with each subsequent dish, because they are organized to enhance each other, and there are meaning and intention behind each one.

To bring it back to marketing, rather than “cooking” several “meals” hoping your audience will connect to one, cross media coordinates a multi-channel experience by combining all your “ingredients,” increasing ROI by drawing your audience in from many points.

Therefore cross media captures ROI from many angles:

It uses your resources efficiently and strategically.
It engages your audience at all points of entry.
It causes your channels to enhance one another.

There are many benefits to cross media, at all levels of your marketing strategy, from prospect attraction to client follow-up. At Range, a Deluxe company, we’re experts at delivering your message, and our cross media campaigns for real estate get results. Contact us to explore the possibilities.